Our Services

At The W Grooming Studio, we are up to date with the individual styles desired by our “very important clients.” Our grooming experts know that everyone wants to make the right impression while maintaining their own personal look and image. We also know that our clients want their trips to the barber to be an experience that they look forward to every time.  That is why we offer a complete package of haircuts, razor services, shaves, and advanced skin care treatments to fit the needs and lifestyle of our valued clientele at any age.

The W offer the following highly rated grooming services performed by our staff of skilled barbers and grooming professionals:


Men’s Haircuts

  • Regular Haircut – There is nothing regular about it. It is done in a fashion that can only be performed by a trained barber and grooming expert. We refer to it as a classic haircut. We also offer a shampoo with all cuts.
  • Scissor Cut – Request this cut and you will be in awe of the level of skill to which our scissor experts perform. Your cut will be stylish to your personal specification with a look that is all yours. Long hair or short will benefit from a scissor cut.
  • Fades – Fades make the impression that grooming is a very important to you. It is a look that needs to be maintained at frequent intervals. We do fades of all types paying close attention to the smallest details. We can also keep your fade looking like the day you received it with a quick maintenance visit.
  • Shampoo and Neck Men’s Shave – Included with all cuts. We clean up your neck with lather and a straight razor for that special finishing touch that refreshes.

Razor Services

  • Beard Trim – Whether you have a soul patch, goatee or full beard, our barbers will give it that sharp edge and style that can only be achieved by a straight razor in the hand of a true professional.
  • Hairline Cleanup – A well-defined, clean, hairline is the signature of good grooming. Let us help you make the best impression.
  • Eyebrow and Mustache Shaping - Details matter. Your grooming expert will clean up your brows and mustache just the way you like it.

Men’s Shave

  • Royal Men’s Shave – A hot oil massage, hot towel treatment, and ultra-close razor shave will make any man feel renewed.
  • Signature Men’s Shaving – Our specialty men’s shave has all benefits of the Royal Men’s shave but with the finest skin care treatment products available anywhere. 


Menu and Rates:

  • Hair Cut (reg.)....... $23   Includes Fades, Mohawks and Taper fades.
  • Haircut and Beard ....$30.00   Includes any style hair cut and beard "faded beard" included. appointments.
  • Shape ups......$12.00 Includes Hair line up, Beard Trim, Goatee.
  • Any Fades............... $23
  • Hair Cut & Wash...... $27
  • Long Hair..................$22
  • Shave.......................$25
  • Beard Trim...............$12
  • Goatee......................$8
  • Eye Brows...............$10
  • Eye Brows & Mustache.......$15
  • Hair Line Clean Up.............$12