Private Appointment

Three Steps to Private Grooming:


  1. 1.      Choose your grooming services & professional barber.
  2. 2.      Call ILL Will (703) 203-7463     Tell us when & where.
  3. 3.      Sit back & relax.


At The W Grooming Studio, we understand that the old saying "time is money" is still relevant. For most clients, when you lose time, you lose business or pleasure opportunities. And let’s face it, you have very little time to waste due to your busy schedule. We aim to please and help maximize your time. You can simply request a private appointment with your grooming expert, at your desired time and location, and we’ll take it from there.


 Who Utilizes Our Private Services?

Our 'A' list of elite clientele consists of many people that desire to upgrade their level to our exclusive grooming services, including: Doctors, Lawyers, Attorneys, Producers, Engineers, Executives, Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Entertainment Professionals and other special clients and groups from all professions. Relax and pamper yourself in luxury while getting your haircut, shave, and other grooming needs performed in the atmosphere that you desire. Experience this exclusive, private, and professional grooming services, at your convenience and location, with your choice of our experienced team of professional groomers. Prices vary based on your grooming requests.